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Student’s Guide to Police Practice

The Central California Criminal Justice Committee has developed a student handbook based on one that has been very successfully used in San Jose for a number of years. It is called, “A Student’s Guide to Police Practice,” and has been approved by the Fresno Police Department, the Office Of Independent Review and the Fresno County Department of Mental Health.

As you know there is a police officer present on every high school campus, and during their teen-age years students are likely to have encounters with police both on and off the campus. This Handbook provides a thorough and clear explanation of how to handle such encounters, what is considered criminal behavior, how to respond when stopped or questioned by police, as well as what your student rights are, along with Information about resources available in the community when help or information is needed.

It will also be an invaluable source of information for parents as well, not to mention teachers and other employees of the school district. Copies of these Student Guide to Police Practice are available at no cost to libraries, community centers, churches and at other places that deal with young people.

Call Ellie Bluestein at 229-9807 if you need some.

Ellie Bluestein

English Version PDF format

Spanish Version PDF format

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