Assessment of the Organizational Culture and Performance of the Fresno PD

Full text of the FPD-Report here

Marshal Project – Non Profit Journalism about Criminal Justice

Marshal Project Website

Stolen Lives

Stolen Lives is a project of the CCCJC which brings light to the problem surrounding police use of deadly force. The report below covers the years 1997 to 2012. Stolen Lives Fresno 1991 – 2012    

Student’s Guide to Police Practice

The Central California Criminal Justice Committee has developed a student handbook based on one that has been very successfully used in San Jose for a number of years. It is called, “A Student’s Guide to Police Practice,” and has been approved by the Fresno Police Department, the Office Of Independent Review and the Fresno County …

Taxpayers Guide to the Death Penalty

This is a publication of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. Authored by Paul W. Comiskey, this publication presents the facts and costs surrounding the Death Penalty as it is used in California to kill those convicted of a capitol crime. We are reminded by findings in California as well as several other states …

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