June 28, 2018 Chief’s Advisory Board Notes


Notes by Rebeca Rangle

June 28, 2018
5:30 pm
Roz Clarke
Leroy Candler
Pastor Eli Loera
Holly Marshall
Gary Moore (FUSD)
Jim Poptanich (rep)
Martin Rodriguez (Centro
Leon Velasco
Carol Mills
Nicole Linder


Opening Remarks by the Chief
– Incident occurred last Friday at the Woodward Park Neighborhood (David Hall’s 1 year old son was being watched by a nanny); forced entry and raped and kidnapped the nanny and took her to an ATM to withdraw money; breakthrough yesterday
– Shooting incidents at Ashlan and West Ave. at 11:30 pm. White SUV forced another vehicle of the road with the intent to rob an individual who had just stopped at an ATM
– Another shooting incident at Gettysburg from one car into another
– 17 year old senior from Memorial shot in the back of the head for attempted robbery (a vigil being held tonight)
Public Safety/Parks Tax Proposal(s)
– Here yesterday and gone today (last night)
– ¼ cent public safety tax
– ¼ cent parks tax
– 8000 signatures short on the parks initiative
– Luis and Paul were in support
– City Council voted not to leave it to the voters
– No new officers (down about 8% or 180 civilian positions over the last decade, despite 180,000 (22%) more calls for service)
– 72% of 911 calls are answered within 15 minutes; state standard is 90%; some 911 calls are not being answered for 8 minutes
– 150 calls waiting to be answered every day
– How many of you have had your home or car broken into or property stolen?
– Shotspotter is in 12% of the area; 14 square miles of the city of Fresno
– As of today, 815 officers (+ academy) are employed by Fresno PD (290 on patrol; 33 in the Field Training Program; 11 are in orientation; 73 are on long-term absence; 75 funded with an external funding and assigned to schools, buses (18), sanitation (3), union (2)—3 shifts each day; today, 40 officers on patrol; handle 1200 calls for service per day—the number of calls of a city of 1 million population; have the # of officers of a city of 250,000; FPD has 1.5 per officers per 1000 population (2.2 or 2.3 LA)
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
– City Council looking at proposals for the number and location of dispensaries
– Chief favors 1 dispensary per council district
– 10% local tax being proposed
– Chief would need $2.7 mil for 16-20 dedicated officers for the narcotics unit to regulate and monitory the “black market” and street sales, etc.
– $1200 fine for illegal fireworks
Chief signs about 60 Commendation letters per week (timeliness is an issue)
Matt asked two questions:
1. What is the procedure for policy review and change within FPD? (Specifically referenced Recommendation #1 in last OIR Report regarding Policy 323):
ANSWER FROM CHIEF DYER: Policy can get changed 2-3 times per week; LexiPol is standardized policy consistent with state and case and federal law re: policing policies. Any policy change gets sent out by SGT Steve to all bargaining units, staff, legal team for input. FPOA can request for a “meet and confer.”
2. What is being done to address the findings from the FPOA sworn and non-sworn employees that found that 68% and 91% of officers and civilian employees cited low employee morale as a problem and the fact that 74% of civilian employees feel they are fairly compensation?
ANSWER FROM DYER: We are conducting another survey to focus on employee morale. The question that was asked on the survey was a PERCEPTION question about the general environment, not about one’s own morale.

Chief is very pleased with the Citizen Survey Results (they’ve had these results for a month, but they have not yet been released to the public):
– 75% feel safe in their residence
– 75% feel safe in neighborhood
– 64% feel safe walking in parks
– 77% feel safe shopping in Fresno
– 31% say violent crime is a problem in their neighborhood
– 35% say gangs are a serious threat in their neighborhood
– 50% say vandalism is a serious threat in their neighborhood
– 67% say traffic violations are a major problem
– 86.4% say FPD officers treat public with respect
– 91.2% say FPD officers are professional

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm

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