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Chiefs Advisory Board July 30, 2015


Fresno Police Chief Dyer

I. Fresno Call Center receives 2700 calls per day, 900 of these calls are to 911.

II. LeRoy Candler, new NAACP President was introduced and talked about several projects and proposals on the table. They have begun to work with low income youth and adults and seemed enthusiastic and hopeful.

III. Currently, Fresno PD has 706 officers. PD is authorized to have 727.
By next year, PD should have 90 new sworn officers. Currently, PD is advertising for officers from other areas, and retired officers who are experienced. They are offering a 10k sign on bonus.

IV. Shotspotter System deployment. Currently, 54 poles with acoustic capabilities. These are set up in areas with recent history of gun fire. Shots fired, the PD can track within a couple to three minutes where the gun was fired from, in terms of physical structure, ect. With accuracy of a few feet, police have already apprehended a known felon on parole with a fire arm. Private citizens, business owners and schools are all cooperating and allowing the PD to put the acoustical equipment up on their property. FUSD has committed to having several up on their properties.

V. To date, 115 body cameras are up and running on police officers. By January/2016, all officers will have body cameras.


Michael Josephson

Michael Josephson

VI. Additional Mental Health Training by Embassy Consulting, all PD will be trained. Michael Josephson, ‘7 Pillars of Character’ same person that did Fresno Unified School District’s training will be training the PD, after the Fair leaves.


VII. New system Dyer is working on, real time crime scene, referred to as, Predictive Policing, where crime is common also known as ‘hot spots.’ Identified as likelihood crime will occur within next 10/hours. When cops are not busy, they will go to these locations. L.A. and N.Y. have them, we will have this system up and running soon.

Ellie asked me to ask about number of women officers, their ranks, number of years they’ve been officers.  Sergeant Rios stated currently there are 77 sworn female officers. The remaining questions were forwarded to Personnel, Rios stated, he did not have that information.

Next mtg, 9/24th

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