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Fresno Criminal Justice Roundtable Established


The Criminal Justice Roundtable seeks to engage a diverse group of organizations and individuals in a dialogue around smart and sensible criminal justice reform in the City and County of Fresno. Through monthly meetings during which the Roundtable will host speakers, organize presentations and facilitate discussion around a range of criminal justice issues. The goal is to provide a community forum through which participants can explore ways to achieve a system that employs alternative solutions-to address the over-criminalization of simple drug possession and other non-violent behavior, is possessed of sensible and proportionate sentencing practices, employs community-based alternatives to detention, and prioritizes rehabilitation and restoration of community health over incarceration.

The long-term goal of the Roundtable is to create bi-partisan support for alternative criminal justice strategies that will improve public health and safety outcomes and ensure a more effective return on taxpayers’ justice dollars. To this end, the Roundtable aims to serve both an educational function as well as to provide a forum for devising strategies for change, including by creating sustainable voter interest in criminal justice reform issues, encouraging the candidacy of responsive criminal justice officials and holding elected officials accountable.

The Roundtable hopes to recruit a broad range of participants including racial and economic justice organizations, mental health advocates, healthcare providers, civil rights advocates, law enforcement allies, defense attorneys, retired judges, faith-based organizations, labor, academics, social service providers, student and others.

To read OIR reports go to the “Links” tab on our Home Page and click on the Fresno Office of Independent Review. This will take you directly to Rick Rasmussen’s reports. Rick Rasmussen is Fresno’s Director, Office of Independent Review.

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