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2015/11/05 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of November 5, 2015

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(Ellie Bluestein, Gerry Bill, V.E. Kral, Larry Johnson, Rebeca Rangel, Mary Stanley, Pat Turner, Marcus Ruiz Evans )


Meeting started at 6:32pm.

Guest speaker on Community Policing, Pat Turner.

Board members took a few minutes to read the minutes.

Minutes reviewed and approved as written.

Treasure’s Report. $ 133.45 Balance.

We will work with FCNV treasurer to take the necessary steps to have a donation button on our website.

We need to schedule a meeting with Ric R., after he recovers from surgery.

Gerry B. wants to ask Ric, “ who determines the Glossary of Terms,” in the OIR Report?

Rebeca R. wants to ask Ric, “ who determines Incident did not Happen.”

Gerry B. brought up “Steve Yang Case.”

Group wants Ric, to find out, “ if any of the six officer involved shootings were people previously arrested and released under prop 47?”

Rebeca spoke about duplication of two computer systems? She asked, “ what is the status of the Community Policing Program. “

Richard Stone will attend the CAB Meeting.

Question, “ The OIR Report says it takes too long to do a review of a OIS, is the Chief going to do something about this? “

The CCCJC received a letter that claimed ownership of the icon on the CCCJC website and requested compensation or removal of icon.  Website master, Larry Johnson stated that the icon came from a site that contained free and legal icons and that the letter was merely a ploy to harass organizations to illicit funds.  L. Johnson advised that we ignore the letter completely or return empty correspondence.


Larry asks that articles and updates be sent to the Web-master.

Larry reported there have been over 500 attempted hack attacks of the CCCJC web-sight.

Marcus Ruiz Evens gave a presentation on Shifting Gears. ( Fresno bicycle paths program. )

Rebeca made a motion to Endorse the Shifting Gears program. Board passed resolution.

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Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm.


Respectfully submitted,


V.E. Kral

Secretary CCCJC