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Mission Statement

Central California Criminal Justice Committee

The mission of the Central California Criminal Justice Committee is to work to ensure that the constitutional and human rights of the people of Fresno will not be violated by the police department.

Our purpose is to establish a police review mechanism that will empower the community and enhance mutual respect between the police and the people. We know that the formation of such an entity will improve our quality of life and reduce crime.

The Central California Criminal Justice Committee had its beginnings in a series of informal meetings that began in March of 2000 in response to fears expressed by women in the African-American community that the Fresno Police Department was unjustifiably targeting their children while driving.

With an increase in complaints about this type of misconduct and a groundswell of interest in discussing this issue, a small group of members of the community began to grow into a network of citizens seeking greater information about the activities of the local police department.

After an initial series of meetings in which community members described police abuses and demonstrated anger and frustration with the situation, a decision was made to work towards two specific goals. The first and immediate goal was to make the police aware of our concerns and to get a response from the department. The second goal a long range plan would be to form a citizen oversight group to act as a permanent mechanism to establish a better relationship between the people and the police.

Our goal is

  • to ensure the integrity of investigations of police misconduct.
  • to enhance the community confidence in the Fresno Police Department, thus reducing judicial and liability expenses.
  • to make public reports.
  • to make policy recommendations to the police department and the public.
  • to insure the thoroughness of internal affairs investigations by having the power, by recommendations and by direct subpoena, to require the presence and consideration of witnesses and documents at specific internal affairs investigations.

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